Episode 3: Buying Your Home

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on October 27th, 2020

Hey guys! Welcome back to Episode 3: Buying Your Home! If you missed the first two episodes of the Home Selling and Buying series, please be sure to navigate back to the blog section to start from the beginning!

Buying Your Home: Now that we’ve sold your house, chances are we have found your house to purchase prior to closing escrow. If we have not identified your house to purchase, then it is my job to search and find you your dream home. I would first introduce you to my in-house lender, where you will get pre-approved for a mortgage. Then we can go shopping!

I will set up around 5-10 home tours a day until you find and choose your forever home. You will submit an offer (whether thats lower, same price, or sometimes even higher). If the seller does not agree to our terms, there is a counter process until both parties come to terms with each other. Once the seller accepts our offer, they have 7 days to deliver the transfer disclosure statements, or TDS. By law, they have to fill out the entire TDS, C.A.R forms, and provide us with all of the details inside and outside of the home that is possibly wrong that would deter the buyer from purchasing the home.

Then my escrow officer, May Alcala, will reach out to all parties involved as they get started with the opening packages (check out Episode 2 for more information on the escrow process). Meanwhile, I will be at the home with my inspector as they do the necessary inspections. Once I see your investment is protected, we will remove all and any contingencies that are remaining. Once escrow is funded means we’re set to close! Congratulations on your new home!

A personal note from Stephen White:

Thank you to everyone that has tuned in the last three weeks, read the blogs, and commented/liked/shared this new series! It was so much fun to shoot these episodes and be able to provide informative blogs to my audience. I have good news! We are continuing the video blog series next month with a completely new series: The Fix and Live Process, with episode 1 dropping November 4th. So stay tuned for additional fun and informational content! If you have any questions, or looking to sell or buy a home, contact me – I’m excited to meet you! Thank you all and enjoy your day! See you next week!

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