Episode 2: Closing Escrow

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Episode 2, where myself and May Alcala from Escrow Hub in Woodland Hills, will guide you through the entire escrow process! May Alcala is my go-to escrow officer who I use when my clients are entering escrow, and her expertise, experience, and knowledge will promise you a smooth escrow process!

Once you sign all necessary contracts for the home you’re about to buy, we will open escrow. The officer will reach out to the parties involved and request the buyers earnest money deposit. While waiting, they will order various reports. Once the deposit is received, the escrow team will send out an opening package which consist of escrow instructions that basically reiterates the majority of what the purchase agreement states.

Once all contingencies are removed, the officer will send out the loan documents back to the buyers lender in order for it to fund. The following day, escrow is closed. Now that escrow is closed, the buyer can take possession and move in their new home ASAP and the seller has more money in the bank!

Now that we’ve sold your home, now we have to shop and find you a new home! This is a fun and exciting process, and very rewarding to find my clients there forever home. So please, be sure to watch Episode 3 next week as I guide you through the home buying process from beginning to end! I would love to hear your feedback so make sure to like, love, comment and share as this means the world to me! If you’re looking to sell your home or have any questions about the selling, escrow, or buying process – or just anything about real estate, please contact me! I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you soon!

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