Working Out in a Gym Facility

Written by Jason Kritzberg on July 16th, 2021

A modern day gymnasium (as gym used to be called way back in Ancient Greece) is a place for indoor physical workouts where various equipment and machines are typically used. For some people, a typical gym is a place where you focus on weight lifting and similar activities. While it is true that gyms used to be reserved for weight training and were rarely frequented by women, that’s not the case nowadays. Both men and women work out at the gym, and there is a great variety of machines, including cardiovascular machines.

Today, we are visiting my home gym – LA Fitness, which is an amazing, high end facility that features an indoor pool, fitness classes, and a expanded gym floor with various equipment and cardio machines. In this episode, we are focusing on legs. Performing leg exercises not only builds muscles in your legs, but also helps to tone and lean the abdominal area. It also plays a significant role in building your testosterone levels! Leg day is important to incorporate in every workout routine, and you should never skip it!

Posture is everything when doing leg workouts! For example, when we do squats, it is important to keep your toes straight, push off the back of your heals, and look up to find your focal point to help keep your back straight. Another example would be walking lunges, which are great for core, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and mental balance. Just like squats, when doing walking lunges, make sure your feet stay straight and you bend your back knee to 90 degrees. With these helpful tips, you will avoid straining your back or injuring yourself when performing these exercises at the gym.

Whether you like to weight train at the gym, CrossFit, or do yoga, it is imperative that you adopt a fitness routine. Be sure to stay tuned in for next week as we will visit Precision CrossFit in Agoura Hills for an amazing CrossFit training. Be sure to check us out on YouTube and read more blogs to watch more fitness and gym routines!

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