Welcome to Calabasas, California!

Written by Jason Kritzberg on March 18th, 2021

Hey everyone! Stephen White here, welcome back and thank you for tuning in. I really appreciate your support. As your Calabasas and Los Angeles Realtor it’s only right that I take you on a tour of my beautiful city, Calabasas California!

History of Calabasas

Calabasas dates back to 1795, with one of the oldest structures that was built in 1844 The Leonis Adobe. Today, it is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the Greater Los Angeles area and it’s now a museum for you to visit! Calabasas was incorporated on April 5th, 1991, making it the newest city in Los Angeles County.

Our Communities

First on my list is the amazing Calabasas Lake. This man-made, 21-acre, Y shaped lake was created in the late 60s and is the only body of water in the city. It is a private lake that only the members in the homeowner’s association can enjoy. The neighborhood consists of lake front properties ranging from townhouses to single family homes, most with updated interiors and beautiful lakefront views! If you buy a house in this neighborhood, you have access to all the lake has to offer; including recreational boating and fishing (catch and release)! 

Just moments away from Calabasas Lake is the private guard gated community: The Oaks of Calabasas. This community has beautiful Spanish and Ranch-style homes. A large number of these properties are comprised of swimming pools, intricate water fountains, and spacious lots. All of the properties in this community are single-family homes, which can extend from 3,000-11,000 square feet in size! In addition, the community is star-studded, ranging from some of your favorite movie stars to your favorite basketball players.

Hidden Hills is world-renowned and one of the most prestigious equestrian communities in Southern California. From music videos to your favorite film or TV show, Hidden Hills has showcased its city in almost every top production within the entertainment industry.   

Even though Hidden Hills shares the same zip code as Calabasas it is actually its own city since 1961. Back in 1957, you could purchase a home in Hidden Hills for as low as $27,500. Today, for a house in Hidden Hills that is about 5k sqft, give or take, you’re going to spend a whopping $4,000,000 or better. This beautiful equestrian community has amazing horseback trails, stunning estates, a community pool, and has its very own farmer’s market, that exclusively caters to the residents of Hidden Hills!

Calabasas’ Restaurants and Activities

On top of the beautiful real-estate that makes up Calabasas, this city also has some amazing local restaurants and shopping. After making my morning calls in the office, my favorite go-to restaurant is Lovi’s Deli! Are you hungry? Cmon let’s go eat!

A classic deli that has a vast menu including deli sandwiches, sushi, all day breakfast, and cocktails, served in a chic and modern space! It even has a full sports bar separate from the dining room! Today we are going to order some food to show you how delicious this restaurant really is!

My favorite sandwich to order from their menu is the Reuben Sandwich, which might not be the healthiest lunch, however lucky for me today is my cheat day! It is made up of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut topped with their famous Russian dressing. Their Reuben sandwich is grilled and pressed served between two pieces of rye bread. They have an extensive menu with some of your favorite dishes. The Reuben Sandwich is by far the best cheat meal here at Lovi’s in Calabasas!

Just next door, The Commons of Calabasas has some of the best shopping the city has to offer! Whether you’re looking to buy a new shirt, get some groceries, or have a bite to eat – the Commons is the place to visit!

Finally, I want to show you an amazing workout activity to do during your free time when you decide to move to Calabasas. Our hiking trails are the best!

There are many hiking trails that we’ve covered here on my channel, from The Calabasas Stairs to Victory Trailhead, however, today we are highlighting one of the best views you can hike to in the city of Calabasas. Stunt Canyon! Stunt Canyon has multiple trails, and the cool thing is that they all connect together. So, you could essentially hike from the road all the way to the peak of the mountain. When you get to the top, you are met with amazing views of Malibu and the San Fernando Valley. Another great and unique spot in Stunt Canyon is the Topanga Lookout. The remaining platform of this former fire department observation tower is now covered in graffiti as it peers out for miles above the Red Rock Canyon Park. It is the highest part of the Santa Monica Mountains. You’ve got to check this place out! Call me and we can hike together.  

A Note From Stephen…

Thank you so much for coming along on this tour of the beautiful city of Calabasas. With the amazing views, restaurants, and homes, what’s stopping you from living here? If you are interested in buying a home in Calabasas, give me a call and I’ll be happy to accommodate your request! Have a fantastic day!

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