Top 5 Stay at Home Projects

With more and more time on our hands nowadays, all of us want to still feel productive, right? Well, Los Angeles Realtor, Stephen White has got you covered with this list of the top 5 most popular stay at home projects! Follow this list and you’re guaranteed a fun and productive way to keep busy at home!

#5: Home Improvement

Dust the cobwebs off that hammer and wrench and get to work on your home! From kitchen remodels to bedroom design, the opportunities are endless. Many homes that are selling high nowadays include open floorpans, modern kitchens using marble and white tiles, and midcentury modern design looks. Take a look through Pinterest to get some inspo on your next design!

#4: De-clutter!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in your home currently? You might want to consider spending some days decluttering your home to maximize space and comfort. Los Angeles Realtor, Stephen White, suggests “cleaning up one space at a time. Choose one room that’s the most cluttered and work through the rest of your house in steps. That way, you’ll insure productivity.” Remember: clutter in your physical space will clutter your mind.

#3: Dive Into Your Artistic Abilities!

Whether thats videography, graphic design, singing, cooking, drawing, etc., take this extra free time you have and find your artistic hobby! Wouldn’t it be nice to look back on this time and remember about everything you did and learned, instead of what you didn’t do? Spending time doing hobbies that you love to do will definitely pass time, while stimulating your mind and staying entertained!

#2: Plant a Herb Garden

Have you ever considered planting your own herb garden but were so bogged down with work or other responsibilities? Well, no excuse now! Planting an herb garden in your backyard is an amazing way to stay busy, build responsibilities, and produce food when you might not be feeling as comfortable to be going out and buying food! Look into easy foods to grow in your garden, such as: beets, carrots, cucumber, and kale, just to name a few!

#1: Search for Your Next Home (Safely)

If you’re looking for a new home, what better way to pass time then search for beautiful properties near you! Los Angeles Realtor, Stephen White, makes it easy to search for homes in your area safely! Just visit, go to properties, and then search homes! There you will be able to find pictures, virtual home tour videos, and information regarding each specific property you’re interested in! So what’re you waiting for? Go visit today to find your forever home and continue to stay busy and safe at home!

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