Tips For Buying A New Home And Pursuing Your Passions As A Retiree

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Written by: Bob Shannon (10/13/21)

As we get older, it is only natural to want to move closer to family and potentially buy a bigger place so you can pursue your passions, enjoy your hobbies, and have more space for entertaining your loved ones. If you do decide to go forward with this plan, then there are many considerations you will need to keep in mind along the way. Here at White Luxury Homes, we want you to find the perfect home for your retirement years, so we have some tips to make that happen.

Finding A New Home

Once you decide that you want to buy a new home, you need to make a plan on where you want to live and how to handle selling your current home and buying a new property. Think about where you would want to live. Since you are retired, you’ll likely want to live near your family so find a few houses near them and narrow the list down from there.

If you go house hunting and find a property that you absolutely love, you should jump on it quickly. Some people wait until they have sold their existing home, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the way you do things. Instead, you can buy and sell at the same time by contacting a real estate agent to help you work through the details and potentially extend your closing date so you have more of a cushion to do what you need to do. You could also rent your existing home to make money while you move into the new property.

To ensure that the sale of your existing home goes off without a hitch, be sure to have an inspection completed ahead of time and fix all issues so buyers have no reason not to sign on the dotted line. This maintenance list includes fixing up the floors, improving curb appeal, and replacing any old windows. Cracked windows can lead to wasted energy and can let in cold drafts. When looking for window repair services, make sure to read customer reviews on sites such as and get price quotes so you know you are getting the best deal possible.

If Your Passion Is Business

If you are retired but you still want to keep busy, then starting a business may be a good idea, and if you find the right space then you can work from home. If a home office is the goal, then make sure to research potential houses that have the square footage that you require, and if you can have an extra room for a private office, then that is even better.

When creating your business, it is a good idea to form a limited liability corporation (LLC). This is a great way to go because it will require less paperwork, provide unique tax advantages, and simplify the organization process. A professional can help with LLC formation in California and ensure that you can start running your business as soon as you move in.

Room For Family And Hobbies

If your plan is to simply enjoy your retirement years doing things you love, then look for a house that will allow you to do just that. If you plan on having the grandkids over on a regular basis, then find a property with an extra room that can act as a playroom. Or you could find a home with a large yard where you could put a playground.

Remember that this is also a time for you to enjoy your golden years so find a place where you can also do the hobbies that you love. One extra room can allow you to do any number of hobbies, from knitting to woodworking. If you have any outdoor hobbies that you enjoy like gardening then make sure there is room for that as well.

In the end, home is what you make of it, so be sure to take the time to choose the perfect house that will suit all of your retirement needs. For assistance with finding the best properties, contact White Luxury Homes at 310-919-6676.

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