Small Space Furniture Hacks You Need to Know!

Written by Jason Kritzberg on June 3rd, 2021

Whether you live in an oceanfront studio in Malibu or an industrial loft in Downtown, you can have many different design challenges . Granted since your views are top notch, wall space definitely lacks in these scenarios. Designing a small space can be tricky, especially if all of your furniture is better suited for a larger living space. And while it can feel like an impossible challenge, with some small space furniture hacks – even the smallest of rooms can feel completely transformed. Follow along to see our personal hacks to make your space feel grand!

Hack #1: Build Storage High

“When you can’t build out, build up,” says James Tabb, designer at Laurel & Wolf. This can be done in many ways, but the most popular way of designing it is using floating shelves, running the perimeter of the room. Adding books, photo albums, accessories, and other collectables which you would normal store in a box, can now be displayed beautifully using this hack. Not only is it a great way to minimize clutter, but a beautiful way to decorate, creating similar effects to crown molding.

Hack #2: Pick Double-Duty Pieces

One example of this hack is the use of Murphy beds. What is a Murphy bed? Also called a wall bed, a Murphy bed is a bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically against the wall, or inside a cabinet or closet. This would be a great option in a small space because when you are entertaining guests, it’s as easy as pushing the bed up into the wall to transform it into a dining room and seating area for your company. When it is time for bed and the room is cleared, just pull down the bed and voila your back in a bedroom!

Another great hack is buying a storage bed. This might not fold into a wall however, it will have ample storage and drawers underneath the bed itself to allow for extra space to put your clothes, blankets, etc… if closet space is scarce!

Hack #3: Use Large Scale Pieces

What?? Large scale pieces? While it may seem silly to bring in larger furniture to an already small space, there is a method to the madness! Smaller pieces can actually make the room feel even smaller. While you need to think of function above all in a small space, try to edit down your furniture needs to a few larger pieces, as opposed to a bunch of smaller ones. This will not only make your apartment feel larger, but also make it more comfortable.

For Even More…

View the graphic below for even more small space furniture hacks, provided by Stephen White Real Estate!

If you are in the market to sell your small space – or size down and move into a smaller space, give Stephen White a call today! Not only are we experts of outsmarting small spaces, but we will meticulously and seamlessly find you your perfect smaller space – and we can’t wait for the new home journey to begin!

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