Stay at Home Projects to Luxuriously Transform Your Backyard

Have you just moved into your new home and looking to complete some stay at home projects? Are you searching for your next home and looking for backyard inspo? Is your backyard completely bare and needs some love and attention? Stephen White Real Estate has got you covered with this essential list to completely transform your backyard – making it a stay at home oasis and retreat! Follow these tips to luxuriously metamorphose your backyard today!

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Most single-family homes in the United States have outdoor spaces that include a patio, grassy area, and sometimes a pool or other outdoor amenity. Why not turn your patio space into a comfortable living space – complete with couches, coffee tables, and maybe even a fire pit? The great thing about an outdoor living room is that it’s a space of relaxation that puts you in arm’s reach of nature: shrubs, trees, scented flowers, water features and outdoor accessories. However, there are a few things to consider before starting your stay at home project:

  • Where is your patio located? Preferably, your outdoor living space should be close to a kitchen or bathroom for easy access in and out of your house, especially when entertaining.
  • Your space should be big enough to fit at least a couch. Make the necessary measurements before committing to furniture so you know your items will fit in your space.
  • Try to continue the same design and feel you have made in your house into your outdoor space. For example, if you have a mid-century modern design in your home, choose similar outdoor furniture to match and create a cohesive environment!

Some ideas for your outdoor space includes:

Outdoor couch and chairs with weather conducive material + coffee and end tables.
Outdoor home fireplace or heat lamps.
Outdoor television on a mount.
Outdoor hanging lights.

Create Shade With a Pergola

Here in California, our summer days can be brutal! What better way to enjoy stay at home living then with a pergola over your new outdoor space? This pergola will not only add much needed shade on hotter days, but it will also be a crucial design element to the rest of your backyard! In addition, it can be easily done on your own as a fun family stay at home project! All you need are the right materials and tools! Follow this guide from DIY network!

Once you’ve successfully built your pergola, we suggest to spruce it up a little by either adding curtains or adding plants that can easily grow on a vine. Outfit a pergola with durable, UV-resistant outdoor drapery for a resort-worthy patio. The billowy curtains add a touch of luxury and provide privacy when needed. In addition, there are a wide range of plants a pergola can support! Some include: honeysuckle, Passion flowers, potato vine, grapevines, etc. You can find even more plants that support your new pergola on Gardener’s World’s website!

Whatever you choose to do with your new (or future) backyard, all of us at Stephen White Real Estate hope we helped in the process! If you or anyone you know are looking to find a new home and get started on that next backyard project, contact Stephen White today! We will do everything we can for our clients to get them in their dream home as quickly and safely as possible!

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