Presidential Election 2020: Let the Best Candidate Win!

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on October 29th, 2020

With presidential debates coming to a close last week, America is gearing up to the Presidential Election Day on November 3rd! With just 6 days left, we would like to remind you to vote! It is your American duty to go out and vote on or before Election Day, and yes, your vote counts!

As it stands right now, Joe Biden maintains a polling lead over President Donal Trump nationally and in key battleground states, but as Hillary Clinton learned four years ago, the only thing that matters is reaching the 270 crucial electoral votes.

According to USA Today, more than 62 million people had already voted early as of Monday, either in person or by mail, and the figure could reach more than 85 million before the Presidential Election Day. We might see numbers as high as 150 million!

The Bottom Line: Biden will need to win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that Trump won by razor thin margins in order to win the presidential election! Trump will need to win at least one of the states, unless he pull off a major surprise elsewhere to win re-election. Supporters from both ends have been seen throughout the United States rallying for their presidential nominee, and the support has been great on both ends. It should be really interesting to see who takes home the win next Tuesday.

As always, the best way to make your voice heard is voting. As of right now, voting by mail is risky because the USPS might not receive it in time by next week – so to ensure your vote gets counted for, drop your ballot off at a certified ballot drop-off box, which can be found using this dropbox locator here: In addition, you can also go vote on Election Day at a voting center near you! And on election night, take a seat in the comfort of your own home as you watch who will be the next President of the United States!

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