My New Years Resolution is __________?

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on January 5th, 2021

2021 has officially arrived and after a difficult 2020, many are looking at the new year for positive change and going back to some type of normalcy. However; regardless of the year, New Years has always been a positive holiday as many of us like to create New Years Resolutions to better ourselves in the upcoming next year. We thought, what better way to kick off the New Year then sharing what we found to be the Top 4 New Years Resolutions of 2021! Feel free to read the list and maybe steal some of these ideas to make yourself a better person in 2021!

#4: Save More Money

Now more than ever, it is important to stow away some extra cash. These days, it is unknown what will happen tomorrow, and having some extra dough laying around could be beneficial for a “rainy day.” In addition, this is a much easier resolution to actually follow through with nowadays because most places you would be spending money at like movie theaters and bars are closed right now. Saving can potentially put you in the right place to buy that new house you’ve been eyeing or invest in a retirement fund!

The most important thing is to stay on top with your resolution! Consider putting away a portion of your paycheck, we suggest anywhere from 10-15%, and then not to touch this money unless its crucial to do so! You will be surprised how much money you were able to save when 2022 rolls around.

#3: Learn a New Skill

This resolution can be challenging for some, but don’t fret! Theres plenty of new skills you can learn! While we’re all cooped up at home, some resort to binging TV or eating way too much. Why not pick up that guitar laying in the closet or strap on the apron and get to cooking instead? Learning skills keeps you mentally and physically healthy; as well as increases your adaptivity and likability! It’s also a great conversation topic during this time when there is not much to talk about! So what are you waiting for?

#2: Get Organized

This could be more of a short-term resolution or long-term for some! Being organized and having a cohesive environment not only improves mental health but makes your space more comfortable. I can assure, you will be less stressed with a clean space! Being organized, whether thats your workload, bedroom clutter, or day to day schedule, is a simple task to accomplish!

The first thing we suggest is making a list on everything you would like to accomplish! It’s easier to see on paper what needs to be done, and feels great when you get to check something off that list! Next, act on it! Pump up those favorite tunes and start organizing! You will soon see all that you have accomplished with this resolution and feel great knowing you’ve improved your physical and/or mental space!

#1: Lose Weight

Our most popular 2021 New Years resolution – to lose weight! A common want for many; however, an unfulfilled resolution most of the time! This year, let’s fulfill it! This year, many of us gained a few extra pounds then we hoped for, and with gyms closed it makes it even harder to keep the weight off! But with just a little creativity and some drive, you can fulfill this goal this year! Check out our blog, “3 Ways To Spice Up Your Home Workout Routine,” for insider tips on having at-home workouts!

What’s Your Resolution?

Let us know on our Instagram or Facebook pages what your New Years Resolutions are! If we think your resolution is unique and noteworthy, we might feature it on our main page and give you a free prize! From all of us at Stephen White Real Estate, Happy New Year, and we hope you have a fulfilled 2021 with all of your resolutions!

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