Malibu: 21 Miles of Scenic Beauty

Written by Jason Kritzberg on February 12, 2021

Malibu! A city best known for its celebrity homes, beaches, gourmet restaurants, high end shops, and the best surf spots! We are in Malibu today to showcase my newest beachfront estate that just sold for $5.4 million dollars. We also want to give you a tour of Malibu so you can see for yourself all that this city has to offer! To watch the full video, including a glimpse at my newest property, click on the video above!

Malibu has a rich history dating back to the 1500s when Juan Cabrillo sailed into the Malibu Lagoon and claimed 13,000 acres of land for the King of Spain; subsequently, the land was left untouched for more than 200 years. In 1776, King Charles III of Spain sent a group of settlers to set up camp in the area now know as Malibu Creek. One of those settlers was Jose Bartolome Tapia, who established a ranch in Malibu Canyon and would later become the first owner of the area. His ranch was know as the “Rancho Topanga Malibu Simi Sequit.” Tapia was given the land by the commander of the Spanish army as a “use” concession in recognition of his spectacular military service.

Malibu changed hands several times in the 1800s, finally being sold to the wealthy Rindge Family from Massachusetts in 1891 for $300,000. The patriarch of the family, businessman Frederick Hastings Rindge, who hailed from Cambridge, Massachusetts, established the Conservative Life Insurance Company, was a director of the Los Angeles Edison Electric Company, was president of the Harvard Club in Los Angeles, and was a vice president of Union Oil Company.

Today, Malibu is home to the most exquisite homes, restaurants, shopping, and beaches unlike any other beachfront town. Some restaurants worth noting in the city region are: Moonshadows, a tiki-themed restaurant with a New American menu & handcrafted drinks, Nobu, a modern, beachfront Japanese and California luxury restaurant, and Sunset, a unique California dining experience on the sands of Zuma Beach.

This city is also home to many hiking trails that you and your family can explore, like Tuna Canyon Park with breathtaking views of Malibu cove, Solstice Canyon, a trail that leads to the ruins of Roberts Ranch House, called the Tropical Terrace, and Malibu Creek State Park, the city’s own 8,215 acre state park established in 1974.

If hiking is not your thing, you can definitely find fun in the sun at any of Malibus amazing beaches. One of Malibu’s most famous beach is Surfrider Beach, located right next to the Malibu Pier. Here, you will find many people surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and enjoying some family fun!

If you or anyone you know are looking to move to this beautiful city or are interested in learning even more of what this place has to offer, give your local realtor, Stephen White, a call! He is ready to help with your next home transition!

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