Local Business of the Month: Art Lewin Bespoke

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on December 30th, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back for our next Business of the Month! We are actually in Downtown Los Angeles today and we are here visiting an amazing man who migrated from Chile to Los Angeles to create his own custom suit and tailor company. Introducing Art Lewin Bespoke LLC!

The Business

Art Lewin has been in business for over 31 years and is one of the country’s top custom clothiers, specializing in bespoke suits, shirts, and tailoring for men and women. “We also do custom alterations for clothes bought “on the rack,” that need tailoring. We will usually taper clothing in to make it fit better for our clients!’

Originally from Chile, Art moved to Los Angeles to chase his dream. Before entering the bespoke business, he had 26 different jobs by the age of 22. In 1989, Art was selling pagers door to door and one client he was selling to liked his style and recruited him in the business – and the rest is history! Art has also a successful history of investing into real estate! To learn more about Art’s real estate investments, continue watching the video above! To book with Art, call him at (800) 994-SUIT!

A Note from Stephen:

Thank you Art for participating in the Business of the Month Series, and thank you everyone who’s been watching my videos and staying up to date with my blogs! I really hope you’re enjoying it! If you or anyone you know own and operate a business and would like Stephen White Real Estate to showcase their company, please visit whiteluxuryhomes.com, navigate to the contact button, and register today! Thank you and enjoy your day!

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