Inspo for Your Upcoming Kitchen Renovation

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on September 15, 2020

Here at Stephen White Real Estate, we see our fair share of immaculate and regal looking kitchens. An elegant kitchen that also houses all of the necessities you need in a cooking space is crucial for any home – especially if you are looking to sell your home to get the most profit possible! Nowadays, clients don’t neccessarily want to tear down and renovate a home they’ve already spent so much money on. That’s why renovating your kitchen before you sell your home is key to an easy sale. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, a kitchen renovation in your home may be just what you need to get you back in the kitchen cooking and bring a nice refresh to your home (considering were spending lots of time at home nowadays). Check out these inspo ideas below for your next kitchen renovation, you’ll thank me later!

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have been on the uptrend lately for the go-to kitchen counter top choice. Not only is quartz elegant and sleek with bright colors to make any room feel open, but it is also way more durable then granite! In fact, quartz is nearly indestructible. It has no cracks or holes in the counter, making quartz bacteria free and an extremely seamless countertop for cleaning. Be aware though, because quartz is known to be damaged with excessive heat so make sure you aren’t putting any hot pans directly on the counter without any protective material.

Unconventional Materials

Have you ever heard of gold backsplash? How about a mirror backsplash that has a touch screen television built right into the wall? Or perhaps leather wrapped cabinets? More and more kitchen renovations are seeing bigger and bolder transformations, and it seems like people are one upping each other with more creative and out there ideas! Consider adding a unique touch to your kitchen renovation to make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the “basic” kitchens out on the market. It may be the deciding factor for a potential buyer…

Floor to Ceiling Concept

Especially now more than ever, we are spending more time at home cooking and eating. If you’re feeling the cooped up vibes like I am, you might want to upgrade your boring kitchen window floor to ceiling windows in your next kitchen renovation. Many floor to ceiling windows offer the option to open up your wall fully to get that nice indoor/outdoor feel. With floor to ceiling windows, you will get the feeling of ultimate luxury to expand your square footage of your kitchen space – without the cost of building onto your home. With a cozy outdoor and indoor eating set up, you will now have the ultimate luxury to enjoy a breeze on a cool summer night while eating inside or outside!

Whatever you choose to do with your next kitchen renovation, be sure to consult with your trusted local realtor, Stephen White, first to get the best tips and information on your reno! If you’re looking to sell your house and newly remodeled kitchen, Stephen will seamlessly walk you through the entire process to get you into your next home! Contact him today at (310) 919-6676 or by visiting his website @!

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