Episode 3: Your Neighborhood (Woodland Hills)

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on November 18, 2020
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Hey everyone, thank you for coming back for our final episode of the Fix & Live Series, Your Neighborhood. If you’re stopping here and thinking “final episode, where are the other episodes?,” then you need to catch up! You can easily navigate back to the blog section and click on “Fix & Live Series – Episode 1” to start from the beginning!

Now that we’ve remodeled your home, your workload has definitely died down! So, what better to do than explore your new neighborhood of Woodland Hills? Did you know that Woodland Hills has a rich history dating back to the beginning of 1940? Most of the land was owned by Harry Warner, co-founder of the Warner Brothers. When Harry died in 1958, his family sold a large chunk of land later in 1967, which has now become Warner Center – the downtown neighborhood district of Woodland Hills!

In Warner Center today, you can find premium restaurants, shopping, and living. You can find the majority of our high end restaurants in the Westfield Village. We will visit JOEY which is one of my all time favorite premium, casual restaurant offering global dishes in a fun, club like atmosphere. I love coming here for lunch and ordering their famous chicken wings, fries, with a cold 805! The village is adjacent to the Westfield Topanga Mall, which is the only mall outside of Beverly Hills with the most luxurious stores, including: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry – just to name a few! Coming in 2021, the Topanga Mall is adding an upscale food hall which will add rooftop dining options and extra entertainment. This could potentially raise the value of homes in your neighborhood!

Amazon Fresh, Amazon’s newest high-tech grocery store, just made its debut to our neighborhood a few months ago! This place is so cool because upon entering, you easily connect your Amazon account to your automated shopping cart, then you pick up an item you want, and once you place it in your cart, smart sensors and cameras capture what the item is and automatically adds the item to your virtual shopping cart. “But Stephen, what if I picked up the wrong item?” Don’t worry, because the smart sensors will also track if you take out an item from the cart – making a seamless shopping trip for all! Because everything is virtually added to your online shopping cart – you can simply walk out of the store when you’re done shopping, no waiting in lines, dealing with cashiers, or baggers! This makes shopping easy, especially during this time we are living in!

In addition to entertainment, your neighborhood hosts some of the greatest parks and hiking trails to offer in the San Fernando Valley! Our main park is Warner Center Park, a beautiful community green space featuring playgrounds, picnic areas, and a stage. During the summertime, Warner Center Park brings the community together by offering live Concerts on the Green and Saturday Movies on the Green. Check the Valley Cultural Center for a list of events coming soon! Whether you like biking, hiking, or running, our local trail, Victory Trailhead, offers scenic views while getting an incredible workout!

Thank you for watching, and please stay tuned in for our next 3 part video series, coming soon! Make sure to like, love, comment and share as this means the world to me! Also, please give me a call for any of your real-estate needs – whether thats buying or selling a fixer or a move in ready estate! Thank you everyone and see you next week!

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