Episode 2: Your Remodeled Home

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on November 2, 2020

Welcome back to Episode 2 : Your Remodeled Home! Episode 1 we discussed about your fixer and all of the great possibilities on how you could turn your home into a multi-million-dollar compound. If you missed the first episode, go back to the blog section and click on Episode 1: Your Fixer, you can easily start from the beginning!

My great friend, Andy Guzman, from Sunset Group Realty, gave us this great opportunity to showcase his beautiful remodeled fixer here at 5424 Woodlake Ave. in Woodland Hills California. Today, we will walk you through this magnificent updated home to help give you an insight on the fix and live process!

This remodeled house is the future of smart homes! This home is completely automated from the moment you pull up to your secure gate to when you step foot into your new home. Every light, door, tv, temperature is unlocked and set with just one click of a button. Just like what we’ve discussed in episode one, the people who remodeled this home chose an open floor concept to combine living and dining in one space. They tore down walls, added square footage and replaced all of the appliances! Take a look at these before pictures:

In the kitchen, the people who remodeled the home chose a quartz countertop, giving you that clean look and modern design! They also replaced all of the appliances and added a smart touch screen refrigerator. Believe it or not with these small touches could increase the value of your home.

As we enter into the bedroom area, you are met with a ton of space in each bedroom. With the amount of lighting coming from outside it will definitely keep you mesmerized. Each bathroom has a unique tile floorplan which helps give this home lots of character along with that homey atmosphere that you envisioned. Jet stream shower heads and marble tile walls within the primary bathroom makes you feel royalty.  

Do you like to watch movies? I got news for you! This built-in movie screen wall is my favorite feature in the entire home. This is perfect for friends, family or even business partners to showcase any PowerPoint presentation through the lens of your projector! 

Thank you everyone for watching and allowing me to host you through this beautifully remodeled fixer today. This just goes to show with a little work and proper updates, you can bring a decrepit, outdated home to a multi-million-dollar compound. Be sure to stick around for next week’s episode as I will guid you through your new neighborhood here in Woodland Hills, it’s going to be fun! If you’re interested in buying or selling a fixer, contact me! My team is ready to find you your next home project!

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