Episode 1: Selling Your Home

Hey everyone, thank you so much for tuning in! I am so excited to launch my new video blog series, Home Selling & Buying! This is a 3 part weekly series, where I will guide you through the entire home selling and buying process for those beginners just starting the home process, or for those that need some refreshers! We will continue these monthly video blog series for months to come (in addition to our regularly scheduled weekly blogs), so stay tuned for more as we dive into the selling process today!

Once we have established a realtor and seller relationship, we will then sit down to discuss the details of your home. Certain things to take into account before selling your home is if it needs any fixes or updates to meet the standards of other homes in your neighborhood. It’s important to make these updates as it will be a small investment for a greater return when selling. Something else to consider is your front lawn! If your lawns looking rough, I suggest hiring a professional landscape to brighten up your front yard. This will make your home pop for incoming buyers touring your home.

Once all updates have been made, I will do a comparable marketing analysis where I will research similar homes in your area to find an accurate number for your listing price. We will then stage your home to make the space more inviting and neutral. Before we hit the MLS, we need to market your home through photography and videography. Finally were listed on the MLS! I will advertise, market, and book private tours to find the absolute right buyer for your home! Once an offer is made, we can accept as long as it fits within your net profit. Now get ready, because were going into escrow!

Check in next week as we dive into the escrow process with May Alcala from Escrow Hub, located in Woodland Hills, CA. If you’re interested in selling your home, contact me! I’m looking forward to working with you soon!

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