Creating the Perfect Home Gym

Let’s face it. During these unprecedented times, most of us are kicking back on the couch and eating way too much. Some are craving the feeling of going to the gym, even though right now we are unable to. Here at Stephen White Real Estate, we’ve seen some amazing home gyms throughout touring homes, so we thought to share with you all some tips that will change your fitness lifestyle for good!

Step 1: Find the right space!

Before you start pumping curls and swinging kettlebells, make sure you’ve picked out a space in your home that will fit your needs. At the very least, make sure you have enough space for a yoga mat for simple home workouts. If you’re fortunate enough to allocate a bigger space in your home, the possibilities are endless. For a simple HIIT workout, set up your home gym with enough space to perform push ups, jumping jacks, and running in place. For Yoga workouts, you need enough space for a yoga mat. If you’re installing a heavy lifting regimen, then a larger room is a necessity.

Step 2: Stock your home gym!


For smaller spaces, a simple jumprope or weighted jumprope will suffice, while getting your heart pumping and sweat on! With bigger spaces, a treadmill will give you a killer workout – if you’re willing to invest in that. Other cardio ideas include: elliptical, stationary bikes, and rowing machines. Again, you don’t need a lot of equipment to get a killer workout, but it definitely helps!


Dumbells, dumbbells, dumbells! Dumbbells and weights are the perfect addition for any home gym and the various types of strength workouts you can do with them are endless. Dumbbell workouts include bicep curls, squats, and deadlifts – just to name a few. For more advanced gym-goers, cable machines with interchangeable parts will give you an incredible strength workout. People on a budget can look for balance disks, which take up as much space as a plate!


Recovery is essential after any workout, so picking out the right recovery equipment for your stretching needs is crucial for health and wellness! An extension band is perfect for stretching arms and legs after an intense workout and should be a necessity no matter what size home gym you have. However, if you have more space, an inversion table or stretching machine will get you that extra stretch that you wouldn’t be able to get without one!

Step 3: Put it to Good Use!

The most important part, putting your new home gym to use! I mean, after all you just spent all of that money on equipment – don’t let that or your health go to waste! Just like a real gym, the more you go – the quicker you’ll see the benefits! If you’re interested in upgrading your home to better fit your new home gym, give Stephen White a call! We’ll help you find your forever home!

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