Business of the Month: Kahuna Dog Walking, LLC

Written by: Jason Kritzberg on December 2nd, 2020

Hello everyone and thank you for coming back to our second episode of Business of the Month. I’m going to showcase each month a local small business owner to help boost their business during these unprecedented times. To watch the first episode, check out my YouTube (Stephen White) and subscribe today so you never miss another video!

We are here at The Oaks of Calabasas, a private guard gated community that houses some of the most famous celebrities and most exquisite homes! This community is one of the most desirable places to buy a home! Although, this video is not about The Oaks, its not about the celebrities, or even Calabasas real estate – this video is about one man who started a career in the entertainment industry working a non-entertaining job!

The Business:

This man is named Bill Kreke. Bill cashed in his 9-5 and invested in his own dog walking business. Looking back on his day to day compared to now, his only regret, he didn’t do it sooner! His main clients are dogs, cats, fish, and even desert tortoises! Bill is a California incorporated company. He is also bonded and insured! Calabasas, West Hills, and Woodland Hills are the main areas where he works! In addition to dog walking, Bill provides a variety of in-home pet sitting options. At the end of this year, Bill is starting a weekly group hike! To learn more and register today, go to or call him at (818) 806-WALK!

A Note From Stephen:

Thank you Bill for participating in the Business of the Month Series, and thank you everyone who’s been watching my videos and staying up to date with my blogs! I really hope you’re enjoying it! If you or anyone you know own and operate a business and would like Stephen White Real Estate to showcase their company, please visit, navigate to the contact button, and register today! Thank you and enjoy your day!

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