Planning Your Move Before the Holidays?

Let’s face it, the holidays will be here before YOU even know it! Planning, organizing, scheduling, etc..etc. Your next move doesn’t fit anywhere within your daily agenda; however, that is okay because we are here to help! Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, be sure to keep in mind that August and September are the most popular months of the year to purchase your home before the holidays. This will give you enough time to pack, move, unpack and relax in just enough time!

Your favorite holiday with family and friends are the most memorable moments to gather, reminisce, and celebrate while you entertain guest within your forever home. Stephen White Real Estate is here to dedicated our soul, sweat and tears to our customer’s satisfaction! We do all of the FUN planning, organizing, and scheduling to help alleviate all of our clients stress as they focus on their everyday lifestyle. Here in Los Angeles, California, you will need professional real estate agent, Stephen White, to help navigate you through the entire transaction – beginning to end. Stephen White Real Estate has got you covered. We will be the guiding force in your move!


Nowadays, we can understand how you might not have time to spend hours researching your next home! No problem, because Stephen White Real Estate will do all of the work for you! We will compile a list of properties in your home list criteria!

Once you find your next home, you will need help transitioning. Stephen White’s team will do everything for you even after finding your home! His team will find your preferred moving company, set up the moving date, and get everything organized in your new home so you can sit back and relax! Allied Moving Company will come to your home, pack up everything for you, and completely dissemble in your new home!

Got Insurance?

Picking up your life from one point to another is already stressful enough, and having to worry about your furniture and personal belongings getting damaged from point A to point B should not be a worry. Our team recommends to consider purchasing moving insurance to make you feel more at ease during your transition. Look around and get the best quotes possible!

All of us here at Stephen White Real Estate wish you a successful and safe move! Reach out to Stephen White and he will start your home searching process today!

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